Wedge Door Stops Have a Place of Importance in the Lives of Disabled Individuals

A floor door stop is advantageous wherever doors should stay open but may close inadvertently due to wind or other factors. Disabled individuals especially need these products around the house or apartment, as they find it more difficult to open doors that should not be closed and to maneuver around a place that isn’t entirely open. Someone who has lost some functioning in the arms and legs, for instance, may not be able to move from a room if a draft from an open window has blown the door shut.

In a disabled person’s home, a number of doors typically always stay open to allow for complete accessibility. The school of gerontology at the University of Southern California recommends maintaining an open pathway for rooms that include the disabled person’s bedroom and bathroom, along with the living and dining rooms, and the kitchen. If this individual does his or her own laundry, that entryway should be kept open. If any commonly used closets have a door that swings open and latches closed, that door may need to be propped open too. Entryways that may not need to stay open include those to the basement or upstairs rooms, guest rooms and additional bathrooms.

Unfortunately, doors may close inadvertently for several reasons unless a floor wedge holds them in place. Fresh air is welcome, but breezes from windows and exterior screen doors aren’t always compatible with interior doors that should stay open. A cat playing with a toy can push a door shut if the plaything gets under the bottom or behind. Cats also are known for accidentally closing a door by pushing it closed when they are actually trying to push it open.

Many consumers prefer larger-sized wedge stops, such as those manufactured by SuperiorMaker. Their black wedge-style rubber products look stylish while also being unobtrusive in the home’s decor. They are superb for doors that are set higher than normal above the floor while still perfectly accommodating a smaller space along the bottom. By purchasing an affordable package or two of three products, a person can easily keep any interior entryways open at all times or whenever it happens to be desirable.

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